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5 Inch Kia Cut knife   30075F Semi Flex  boning knife or I use for a fillet knife

These knives are sold worldwide to meat packing houses.

We bought them on a overstock or the meat packing houses wanted a change in the style of handle.

We have to buy several hindered knives to be able to sell these at this price.

Stainless steel blade and very good knives.

Rubber handle with guard, comfort grip handle

Several people who deer hunt and do home butchering have bought these knives and love them.

We have guides in OK. And Lake Texoma who use them for fillet knives and cutting up deer.

High Quality stainless steel knives and they stay sharp, depending on how you use them

30075F boning knifeRegular price: $20.00Sale price: $8.00
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