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 CVN 71 USS Theodore  Roosevelt      CR-M16-12 LE   1 OF 16  Knives


Back side of blade has Crest and name

M16 Carson Design Law Enforcement & Military Blades

The M16- feature a slim profile design that is ideal for a variety of carry positions. One hand opening and closing is velvet smooth, (index finger opening or Thumb stud) the result of TeflonĘ bearings. The ambidextrous thumb stud with checkered surface provides instant access in any circumstance. Features a removable black finish Stainless Steel pocket clip. All models of the M16 series are perfectly balanced, and every detail has a working purpose.

M16-12-LE Overall Length: 3.13" Closed Length: 4.25" Blade: Tanto Partially serrated LE Handle: Blue Aluminum Handle: CVN-72 USS Aircraft Carrier T.Roosevelt etched on blade

If any company or organization wants special art etching contact us for information. Lots of 15 or more will receive special pricing.

Items of interest on the carrier life

Complement with air wing Nearly 5,500

Length 1,092 feet

Maximum speed In excess of 30 knots

Height, keel to mast 206 feet, 6 inches

Breadth at flight deck 257 feet, 5 inches

Flight deck area Approximately 4.5 acres

Displacement 97,500 tons

Spaces and compartments Approximately 3,200

Propulsion Two nuclear power plants

Main engines Four

Propellers Four, five blades each, 21 feet high, 11 tons apiece

Rudders Two, 29-by-22 feet, 45.5 tons apiece

Anchors Two, 30 tons apiece

Anchor chains 1,082 feet, 308,000 pounds

Shipboard telephones More than 1,900

Aircraft elevators Four

Catapults Four

Evaporators Four (capable of distilling more than 400,000 gallons of fresh water per day, enough for 200 homes)

Air conditioning capacity 2,530 tons (enough to serve 800 homes)

Meals prepared daily More than 20,000

Bread baked daily 600-800 loaves

Sodas consumed daily 13,000

Milk consumed daily 600 gallons

Hamburgers consumed daily 620 pounds

Eggs consumed daily 180 dozen

Vegetables consumed daily 800 pounds

Fruit consumed daily 900 pounds

Laundry cleaned daily 5,550 pounds

Haircuts given daily 250


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