Click to enlargeFlat Readi-Edge Knife Sharpener

Flat Readi-Edge Knife Sharpener

Directions for Use: Place the Redi-Edge Sharpener on a flat surface. Grip with left hand putting your thumb in the slot for the thumb as shown. Put the knife to be sharpened in between the beveled blades as shown. Holding knife 90 deg.'s to the top of the sharpener as shown. Draw the knife toward you with firm down pressure on the blade. If the knife won't move you are putting to much down ward pressure on the knife. If the angle is wrong on the knife edge it may take a few times of drawing the knife through the blades to set the angle on the cutting edge. You can get a very sharp edge fast as you get used to using this sharpener. Give us a call at 816-579-5634, 913-367-5999, or 913-426-0808 if you have any problems.

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