Click to enlargeKaBar 1431 Knife Display Case.

This is the new 2008 addition to the KA-BAR knife display case line.

This Dome Presentation Case features a furniture grade hardwood base, a clear removable dome cover to keep out dust, and a guard mounting center stand to position your knife.

This presentation case was developed to accommodate those who prefer an open look allowing all sides of the knife to be viewed.

It measures 19" X 6 3/4" X 8" in dimension and will easily accommodate a knife up to an overall length of 13".

An excellent display case for a wall display cabinet, desk, or shelf, allowing you to proudly exhibit your knife while still protecting it.

If ordered with out knife it is 125.00

For other types of display cases, check out models #1437 or #1438. THESE ARE SPECIAL ORDER KNIVES ONLY

Kabar 1431Regular price: $149.99Sale price: $100.00
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